Katharina Greeven

Katharina Greeven: Let’s get out of the tent of Art World. I see Art and Life in a symbiosis, where form and content are in an inseperable connection.  Art can offer a  gap of rotation in daily life, where we can reflect on ourselves and the world we live in.

Especially in Performance Art I see a chance to fight against the flush of media images  that surround us day by day.  Through creating an ephemeral picture with the immediacy of our body, we open a space for transformation and finding new courses of actions.

In my work I’m looking for different ways of contact and connection between people. I deal with the boundries of performer and observer and the possibilities of dissolving. To get on a different level of meeting I work with reduction of senses. I challenge the hegemony of the visual sense, through focusing on tactile or auditive elements. Duration and repetition of actions strengthens the awareness of time and develop a status of meditation. In all this I want to create a blank position in which we can see ourselves in different light.


Rooted to the soil
Dearest participants,
What might happen, if you come around is…
I might bring an apple or two, my favourite plush toy
and a hammer,
I might hang them from the ceiling and
make a cute try to become one with mother earth,
I might try to be true
and to connect with you (don’t be scared then)
I might be scared of you.
If I get weak,
I might try to entertain you (in that case: please stop me),
I might have the plan to share some sweetness
or weight with you,
at least one apple.
I might take of my cloths
and call my mum or
I might destroy our expectations,
that I’ve evoked in this announcement.
I might turn around and try to return,
It probably won’t work.
In any case: I’m looking forward to meet you.