Colm Clarke, Marcel Sparmann & Mayte Kappel Rovira | 15th Sept

Photos by Jordan Hutchings

BBeyond | 14th Sept


Photos by Jordan Hutchings

Remi Voche & Nora Jacobs | 13th Sept

Photos by Jordan Hutchings

CROW Walk & Katharina Greevan | 12th Sept

Photos By Jordan Hutchings

Essi Kausalainen & Rob Ireson | 11th Sept

Photos by Jordan Hutchings

Mitch Conlon | 7th Sept

Photos by Jordan Hutchings

Phil Hession | David Fagan | 5th Sept

Images by Jordan Hutchings



A CROW walk as part of FIX 2013
Meet Catalyst Arts 1pm Thurs 12th Sept

CROW are doing a walk for FIX and we are going to check out what we can get FIXED in Central Belfast and where best to go.

So rather than throwing it out we want you to bring your broken goods and recommendations of good places to get stuff FIXED

Where’s the best place in town if your…

Shoes need heeled?
Watch needs repaired?
Zip needs replaced?
Cloths need altered?
Ink cartridges need refilled
Phone need repaired?
Camera needs repaired

Please post suggestions on our facebook page and let us know what broken item you are going to bring

CROW (City Right of Way)

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